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DCA Cancer Cure News - Sodium Dichloroacetate Cancer Cures Research and News Dichloroacetic Acid Cancer Cure
Welcome to Cure Cancer News  ... We lost our father to cancer in 1972... to multiple myeloma ... my mother said to the doctors.."can't you use my bone marrow to help my husband" ... the doctors replied.. "your 30 years ahead of our time".... well that was back in 1972...and now today there are cures for multiple myeloma and successful treatments for it....  and now back in 2006 our mother was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer?... She is now going to the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute and is currently being treated as is doing ok as of "5-06-09" This site is created to help people be aware of  there options. The world needs to declare a War On Cancer... from cancer awareness, cancer prevention, cancer symptoms and cancer treatment...
Dear God...We need a real miracle...
Angels and Ministers of Grace defend us from this Disease

A Must Watch... Burzynski Documentary Video Above!!!
Burzynski Clinic Cancer Cure
Dr Stanisław Burzyński
Burzynski Clinic <---

Kanzius Machine: A Cancer Cure?
The John Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation

DCA Cancer Cure ...  Dichloroacetate Cancer Treatment
Dichloroacetic Acid -
Sodium Dichloroacetate

University of Alberta Official DCA website
Dr Evangelos Michelakis (780) 492-2604 dcaresearch@med.ualberta.ca
unofficial DCA cancer info site

Peptide Hormone Therapy Cancer Treatment

OCO Ovarian Cancer Outreach

Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation  MMRF

Rene M. Caisse
Essiac Cancer Cure and Treatment

714X Alternative Cancer Treatments
The Gerson Institute - Alternative Cancer Treatment Gerson Therapy
Trimethylaminohydroxybicycloheptane Chloride is an immune system booster and so is Resvinatrol

John Kanzius Cancer Machine - New research reports posted on the American Cancer Society Web site suggest that a Florida man with no medical training may have invented a machine that could lead to a cure for cancer.


DCA Cancer Cure News - Sodium Dichloroacetate Cancer Cures Research and News Dichloroacetic Acid Cancer Cure

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